Facing issues with your vehicle’s transmission system? Contact us to get a no-obligation repair quote.

Do you hear a grinding noise while shifting gears? Struggling to upshift after a certain gear? Or does it generally feel rough while driving? These are some of the classic signs of transmission wear and damage.

Maxwell Service Centre specialises in both manual and automatic transmission systems. Whether it’s a major repair, oil change or complete rebuild, we can do it at your doorstep. Thanks to our Brisbane-wide mobile service, a transmission mechanic is always a phone call away and ready to assist you during an emergency. No matter where you are in Brisbane.

A broken transmission system brings your vehicle to a standstill. The engine will crank but the car won’t move. In a situation like this, we will come to you to fix the transmission and help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

All you have to do is call.

Expert Mobile Transmission Mechanic in Brisbane

Our transmission mechanic has years of experience in repairing and rebuilding all kinds of transmission systems, regardless of the model or make. Whether it’s a Honda, Toyota or a premium sedan from Mercedes or BMW, we have the right diagnostic equipment and specialised tools to fix transmissions of all shapes and sizes.

The best part is we are always on the move. So, no matter where your car breaks down in Brisbane, rest easy that a professional transmission mechanic is only a stone’s throw away.

If your car has clocked over 60,000 miles, get the transmission system serviced for smooth functioning and prolonged life.

Give us a call today and have your transmission troubles taken care of by a professional you can trust.