When your truck breaks down it can be very stressful, but thankfully Maxwells is here to get you back on the road.

A truck breaking down can be a big problem because not only is it complex to fix, but also, towing it to the workshop requires special arrangements.

This is where our fully organised mobile truck repair can help. We specialise in all types of diesel truck repair, covering all major models and makes. On-site truck repair is the best way to fix a truck because:

You need not worry about taking your truck to the mechanic; the mechanic comes to you.

There’s no waiting time. The repair starts as soon as the mechanic arrives at your location.

Peace of mind. The repair is carried out before your eyes. You know what’s going in and out of your truck.

Roadside assistance available across North Brisbane.

Truck Repair Services in Brisbane

We can repair trucks and other heavy duty vehicles that run on more complex diesel engines. The bigger the engine, the more sophisticated it is and it gets all the more challenging to fix it. This is why it is recommended to hire a professional truck mechanic with relevant experience for the repair job.

We have a team of heavy duty mechanics in Brisbane that operate round the clock to provide on-site repairs and commercial fleet maintenance so that your wheels keep moving.

From regular oil changes to replacing a blown head gasket to fixing a leaking radiator tank, our mobile truck mechanics are trained to handle any kind of repair. All repairs are performed to dealership standards at a competitive rate. Since we are local truck mechanics, our prices are highly competitive.

Expert Mobile Truck Mechanics

What makes us the experts, you might ask.

We have collectively spent over 10,000 hours fixing trucks. That’s more hours than most people have spent driving. With significant experience and an ever-growing passion for machines, we are your go-to mobile truck mechanics in Brisbane and surrounds.

Regardless of the model, make or issue you are facing, we will fix your truck so you can hit the road in no time.

We provide roadside mobile truck repair.

Maxwell Service Trucks

If you are looking for a mobile truck mechanic in Brisbane or its surroundings, feel free to get in touch.

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Truck Mechanic

We Have a Truck Mechanic on Call

Having a broken truck can be very difficult on your business and bottom line, especially if you do not have a tow truck for heavy vehicles and have to incur extra costs to hire such. Our truck mechanic will come to your site with our mobile service van and work on your truck immediately.

Mobile service truck

What You Need to Know About Truck Tyres in Brisbane

It is easy to change a car’s flat tyre quickly, but a truck on the side of the road is bulky and heavy, and a tyre change is not always possible at the location or with the available tools and skills.

    • We offer roadside assist. Our mobile service vehicle can help you in an emergency, yes, even if you are in a truck. We can change your flat tyre and put on a spare until you are in a safe place. We can come back to you at a more convenient time and replace your spare with the correct tyre for your truck.
    • New tyres. Maybe you don’t have a fleet of trucks, but you only have the one monster machine you rely on for your workshop or produce or goods delivery. We can fit and repair tyres for you or just put on new tyres you have; we come to you to change them.
    • It is always best to have an extra set of truck tyres as you never know when one will go flat. You can call us any time, night or day, and it will make for a quicker repair and little downtime if you already have the extra pair of tyres on-site with your truck.

If you are in and around North Brisbane, we can be by your side for any emergency. On the scene, we will assess your situation and repair it right there if it will get the vehicle back on the road. If this is not possible, we will tow your truck to a safe place or our garage for repairs.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding a Car Service in North Brisbane

Our mobile service also applies to cars as we want to make sure you arrive home safe and that your vehicle is taken care of or moved to a secure location as your livelihood may depend on it functioning properly. Or if you just need to come for a car service, it may be prudent to note the following:

    • Trustworthy. Our mechanics are professional, trained in car service and repairs, and we use only the best in OEM parts and the recommended tools for working on your car. We understand the different brands and requirements of each.
    • Book an appointment with us, and we will let you know promptly if your car might need further repairs to keep it in the best condition. We can do any car repairs or run diagnostics to determine what the problem is.
    • We can do most repairs on your car, especially related to aircons, brakes, engines, gearboxes, transmission and steering and suspension. Our mechanics have done numerous services and repairs and know how to fix something quickly and efficiently.

The main product we deliver is customer service, with your car being the star of the show and our mechanics your team of agents that will do all they can to make your car shine and function at its best.

Mechanic inspecting the underbody

About Maxwell Tyre and Mechanical

Be sure to save our number on your speed dial because you never know when your truck might break down, or your car starts making a strange sound. Contact us if you have any questions about our car service in Brisbane, pricing or tyre repairs.