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Beat the heat this summer and get your Vehicles Air Conditioning system prepared for the hot season ahead.

Don’t lose your cool this summer with Maxwell’s professional and hassle free mobile service.

Maxwell’s provide Auto Air Conditioning services, repairs and maintenance, all carried out by an accredited licensed technician.

Our Processes include

  • Operation Test and Visual Inspection
  • Drive Belt Inspection and Adjustment
  • Evacuation
  • Vacuum Test
  • Re-Gas
  • Temperature Test
  • Vent Operation Test
  • 10 Point Inspection and Report

Is your car air conditioner blowing icy cold? If not, it’s highly likely your air conditioner has lost its gas.

We’re a licensed mobile automotive air conditioning company. When your car needs the air conditioning regassed, we’ll come to you and professionally regas it on site! Using only genuine R134a refrigerant, including UV dye and oil, we’re certified with the Australian Refrigeration Council and all our work is fully guaranteed.

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Aircon Regas Brisbane

We Provide Reliable Vehicle Aircon Regas in Brisbane

To ensure maximum efficiency from your car’s system, and to avoid potential damage to any parts, we recommend an aircon regas in Brisbane every two to three years. We’re trained to regas multiple makes and models according to the manufacturer’s specifications and provide reliable and high-quality service.

Key Questions to ask Maxwell Tyre & Mechanical About Car Air Conditioning in Brisbane Northside

Over time, you’ll probably find that your aircon doesn’t work as well as it did when you bought the car. Like all car parts and accessories, your aircon requires regular maintenance to work optimally. If your unit stops working, we can quickly resolve it with an air conditioner re-gas.

    • How do you know when to have your air conditioning re-gassed? If you’ve noticed that the air coming out of your air conditioner isn’t as cold as it once was, or it feels no different switched off, then it’s probably time for a re-gas.
    • How often should I have my air con re-gassed? Most car manufacturers advise your service your air conditioning unit every two to three years; however, many drivers wait until it stops producing cold air. Waiting for this may not cause any problems, but it makes it increasingly challenging to demist your windows during winter, causing your engine to overwork and ultimately higher fuel consumption.
    • Do services cover re-gassing? While regularly servicing your vehicle is imperative to keep it in good condition, car services rarely cover your aircon unit. When we service your air conditioner, we check the refrigerant level and replace the old gas with a fresh batch. We’ll also perform a vacuum test to checks for leaks that could prevent your unit from performing optimally.
    • What happens if I don’t re-gas my air conditioner? Failing to re-gas your car’s air conditioner gradually decreases its efficiency until it doesn’t work at all. This failure can make your vehicle incredibly uncomfortable in summer and result in a prolonged time to demist your windows in winter. Waiting to re-gas your air con could have negative consequences in the long run as the unused pipes are likely to crack, and other parts could seize while not in use.

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Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Car Air Conditioning Regas in Brisbane Northside

Is there a wrong way to use our air conditioners? Turns out there is. We’ve highlighted some common mistakes many car owners make with their aircon and how you can make your unit last longer.

    • Blasting. On a hot day, you can expect your car to have three times the temperature on the inside as it is outside. After leaving your car parked in the sun, your first instinct when you get back in is to blast the air-con to cool down the temperature. Doing this negatively impacts the gas, which decreases the unit’s performance. The best way to cool your car down is to open your windows and allow the trapped heat to exit, letting the car cool down naturally. Once the air has cooled, start your air-con on a low setting and build it up when required. 
    • Vent angles. Many people think that pointing the vents at them will cool the car down quicker – this is not the case. Directing the vents around your car will aid in cooler air circulating the cabin, cooling the overall temperature down much faster.
    • Urban driving. If your usual route involves traffic jams with multiple stops, it’s more fuel-efficient to open your windows than to use your air-con. Lower speeds mean less drag from open windows, leading to increased fuel savings.
    • Highway driving. Highway travel usually results in higher speeds than urban driving. Opening your windows at higher speeds creates drag on your vehicle, increasing your fuel usage. It is, therefore, more fuel-efficient to roll up your windows and switch your air conditioner on when driving on the highway.
    • Regular maintenance. All units require a car aircon service every few years to keep the parts in working condition. Failure to maintain it may result in deteriorating parts, which could cost more than just a re-gas in the long-run.  

Car air conditioning is something we take for granted while it’s working. However, when it starts blowing warm air, our car air conditioning specialist can help you out in no time.

Why Trust Maxwell Tyre & Mechanical Regarding Car Aircon Compressor Repair

Whether you need to regas car air conditioning in Brisbane, breakdown assistance, a mobile mechanic, or truck tyres, our trustworthy and flexible service takes care of everything. Our industry experience has provided the opportunity to undertake various scopes of work, which equips us with the knowledge and understanding of unique client requirements.  

Our qualified team of mechanics strive to deliver exceptional service and knowledgeable advice regarding your vehicle’s necessities and provide quick turnaround times for each project. Let us become your trusted advisors of all things automotive related.  

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